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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tentang bintang

Lirik lagu ini translate dari bahasa jepun ke english.....lagu ni mengenai luahan cinta seseorang yang tak kesampaian...hanya mampu memandang tapi yang boleh dilakukan hanya pendam...ade jugak la kait mengait ngn life saya skang nih....hehehehehe.....tajuk asal lagu ni BYUL atau dalam maksud yang lain star (bintang)..saya dedicate lagu ni utk someone special in mylife...


i feel the wind blow in this place

there i see the stars beyond

this window pane

shining so bright here in this night

here i feel a sense of love

deep in my heart i cry for you

every tear that falls feels like a wound

the stars in the sky gently shines

taking away my pain

i hear a voice gently saying

"dont be afraid"

i feel a warmth come over me

as a i sleep in their embrace

and even though i...

.do not have the strength to go on

even though i try to hold on

this love will never ever be

meant for me but i'll keep on smiling

even though my dreams won't come true

i'll remember every moment with you

like the stars that shines forever

i'll treasure my lovefor you........


Scars That Can Never Heal

God, please send me A lover which is kind The one who love me for who I really am.....

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